I bet you were wondering when you get an update on Adelyn. Well, for those who don’t know, I have a “Watch Me Grow” page where you can follow Eli and Adelyn as they get older. Today is the day when I finally updated it with 4, 5 and 6 month pictures for Adelyn.

As far as her progress, Adelyn is very mobile nowadays. She loves to crawl around, sit up on her own, move from crawling to sitting, and is starting to pull herself up (although not quite successful on that last one yet). Eli is becoming the loving big brother who takes care of his sister. When we are reading books together, he will always get a board book for Adelyn so she doesn’t feel left out. My little boy is growing up. Awww.


I bet many of you are wondering what happened to me. Did I fall off the face of the earth? No… well, not yet any way. For me raising two children is a FULL time task. That means very little time for me, which in turn means very little time for me to write to you. So there you have it; Kids first, me second, and you last. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

To demonstrate how far behind I am in things, I just finished making the official birth announcements of my FIVE month old. Other than the fact that we are WAY behind schedule, let me know what you think of them.

Stationery card
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It’s always adorable when you catch a baby’s “first” on camera. Here Adelyn is “ooh-ing” at Daddy and then laughing with Mommy. I love being a mom.

Hey All. Thought you would like to know that Eli has gone digital and now shares some of our favorite speaking moments on Twitter. You can follow him (username: Eli_Speaks) or you can see his updates on the right side bar on the home page of my blog.

The last month with two kids has been hard, and totally worth it. Adelyn is now a month old and we are all starting to sink into a routine with a new one. As per tradition, I will take photos of her every month until her first birthday.

For those of you who are still waiting for the birth story, it is coming. Until then, please enjoy a few of Adelyn’s one-month pictures here or look at all of them in our One-Month Flickr page. As you can see, Eli had to get his picture taken too.

Adelyn, One Month


40 Weeks (9 months)

It’s actually 2/16/12; just two days before my due date. So far I feel great and I don’t “think” I am having real contractions yet. In fact, sometimes I forget that I am at full term. I guess that is a good sign, but I wouldn’t mind having Adelyn come soon. So excited to have a baby girl. I did gain a TON of weight in the last two weeks (6 lbs) so it looks like I am on the same track as I was with the first one. O-well. I guess I will just have to stay motivated after the baby and get to the gym often. Here are some updated pictures for you all. Note: I am not having a contraction in the second one. Josh just got a really good candid shot.

2nd Pregnancy, 40 weeks
2nd Pregnancy, 40 weeks
2nd Pregnancy, 40 weeks
2nd Pregnancy, 40 weeks

To see pictures from previous months, go to the Watch Kim Grow: 2nd Pregnancy page.

Here is a picture from the last pregnancy (with Eli) at around 38 1/2 weeks. Looks pretty much the same with shorter hair.

38 1/2 Weeks Pregnant
38 1/2 Weeks, 1st Pregnancy

Being pregnant is finally starting to take it’s toll. Lately, I have less energy and I am starting to feel the stretch in my belly. In fact, I am starting to lose my “innie” belly button. Sad. With Eli it was always an innie but this one seems to be pushing it out. Soon I will have an outie belly button like Eli. The nice part is that I am still doing great with the weight gain. So far I am at about 18 lbs gained. My goal is to stay under the weight I gained with Eli. Looks like I am on track for that goal.

Here’s my 36 week picture:

2nd Pregnancy, 36 Weeks

2nd Pregnancy, Week 36

How does it compare to the last pregnancy?

1st Pregnancy, Week 34

34 Weeks

1st Pregnancy, 34 Weeks